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I'm One of the Bhakta's of Swamiji and my entire family are the devotees of the beloved Swamiji. I Would like to share my collection. Started creating this site with a touch to his HOLY FEET.


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Karmayogi - Swami Sundara Chaitanyananda

The life of a person who carries on detached activity is like the life of a player who plays in game joyously as a member of a team. That team may win or lose a game on a particular day. But the player plays on joyously whether his team wins or loses a game, playing itself gives him joy. A spiritual aspirant who performs dynamic detached work is called a Karma yogi in the Bhagawad Geeta. Such a Karma Yogi may be conceived as a dynamic spiritual player on the play ground of life, who plays on the game of life cheerfully, calmly and actively by carrying on his professional, domestic social and spiritual duties cheerfully by thinking and acting positively with deep sense of duty, detachment, contentment and dedication to the loving universal Lord.

Bestower of the fruit of action

When we observe things in the world outside, we find and conclude that every object has a creator. We perceive the world. The world is an object of our perception. Then who has created the world? God or almighty Lord has created the world. Creation of the world means making every soul reap the fruit of acts done by it. When a man performs an act, he gets the fruit. Who is the bestowed of the fruit of action.

"Hetu Vyapadeshat"

"Brahman is the cause of fruit" says Kowshitaki Upanishad.
We perform an action and enjoy the results there of. We have the choice over the action. The results are in the jurisdiction of the creator. Therefore, the fruit of an act proceeds from the creator.
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